SBIR/STTR Projects

For more than a decade, BerrieHill Research Division of ARA has provided critical scientific and technical research for military, defense and aerospace applications, including in the fields of antenna and radome design, testing, measurement and modeling, computational electromagnetics, signal processing, parallel computing and programming, radar cross section analysis, measurement, testing, modeling and more. 

Much of the company’s work has been conducted for numerous government agencies through Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) contracts or the Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) program.

Examples of BerrieHill SBIR/STTR Projects

2006 -- Signature Prediction and Uncertainty Analysis for Recognition Applications -- Provided electromagnetics modeling to support detection and identification technologies for a wide range of target configurations and sensor characteristics. 

2006 -- Aircraft Damage Locator -- Improved aircraft hull damage repair through systematic collection and documentation of surface damage sustained by aircraft.

2006-2007 -- Lightweight, Miniature Sensor Payload for a Mini-UAV -- Phases I & II. Develop a small UAV capable of providing all-environment detection and tracking of air and ground threats.

2007 -- Efficiently Computing and/or Compensating for Object Variability for Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) Applications -- Developed computational techniques to simplify ATR algorithms for RCS signature data.

2007 -- Improved Radio Frequency (RF) Polymer Substrates for Antennas -- Developed magnetic RF polymers to yield large area films suitable for antenna substrates and superstrates.

2009-2010 -- High Power Microwave Frequency Selective Surfaces -- Phases I & II. Develop a frequency selective radome for use in an extremely high-power microwave antenna system.

2011-2012 -- Antennas for Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Signal Monitoring -- Phases I & II. Design, fabrication and testing of a GNSS antenna prototype with wider bandwidth and multipath signal suppression.

2012 -- Efficient Constrained Optimization Method for In-Situ Antenna Performance Restoration – Use of the limited-memory BFGS algorithm with simple bound constraints to solve a large scale multi-objective optimization problem.

2014-2015 -- Adaptive Antenna Structures -- Phases I & II. Develop RF models to define the properties, shape, and location of RF absorber and illumination feed characteristics for variable AFSCN antenna beamwidth.

2015 -- Self-Aware, Frequency Agile Electromagnetic Limiter -- Phases I & II. Developed an agile solution for mitigation of electromagnetic field induced damage to critical avionics systems.

2016 -- Metamorphic Buffer Layer Growth for Bulk InAs(x)Sb(1-x) LWIR Detectors: Develop the required epitaxial materials technologies to support the development and commercialization of next generation, epitaxially grown, engineered III-V LWIR detectors that achieve performance equivalent to much higher cost II-VI detectors.

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