Brian Kent, Chief Scientist

What do you like about your job at BerrieHill Research Division of ARA?
As Chief Scientist of the BerrieHill Research Division, I have the opportunity to assess new and existing technical projects to assure our customers’ goals and requirements are met to their complete satisfaction. I enjoy the opportunities to mentor and develop our younger engineering workforce, and serving the local and national technical communities through the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). In addition, I have a unique corporate role directly supporting our CEO to execute Board Strategic Initiatives across the entire corporation.

Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, The Ohio State University
M.S. Electrical Engineering, The Ohio State University
B.S. Electrical Engineering (Highest Honors), Michigan State University

Brian was an ARA corporate strategic hire (2014) to build/expand the company’s Dayton business opportunities in radio frequency, electronic warfare, and sensing.

He previously served for 37 years as a civilian engineer with the United States Air Force. Brian’s previous assignments included serving as the chief technology officer of Air Force Research Laboratory, chief scientist of the AFRL Sensors Directorate, senior scientist for low observable technologies for the Systems Technology Office of AFRL, NASA Columbia accident investigation board advisor, NASA Space Shuttle Return to Flight ascent debris radar specialist (and worked four Shuttle Missions – STS 114, 115, 117 and 121)

Brian is a fellow of Air Force Research Laboratory, fellow of Antenna Measurements Techniques Association, a fellow of the IEEEE and an IEEE Distinguished Lecturer.

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