Case Study – Computational Electromagnetics


Improve the efficiency of Northrop Grumman’s computational electromagnetic code used to calculate the performance and survivability of low observable vehicles.


  • Speed up a critical set of computations needed for accurate predictions for large low observable vehicles 
  • Develop a competitive advantage over other defense contractors with CEM code that exceeds current industry capability
  • Create a code suitable for 400K+ unknown problems

Expertise Required:

  • Computational electromagnetics design
  • Parallel computing and processing


ARA-BerrieHill’s Computational Sciences Group incorporated a new algorithm into Northrop Grumman’s computational electromagnetics (CEM) Switch code, ahead of schedule and on budget. The improved code allowed Northrop Grumman to produce a critical set of computations ahead of schedule on a major program deliverable that would not have been possible without this new code.

The new capability created by ARA-BerrieHill's incorporation of the Adaptive Cross Approximation (ACA) algorithm with Hierarchical LU Factor and Solver to the Northrop Grumman Switch code has given NGC a competitive advantage in areas of CEM design.


ARA-BerrieHill provided a new capability to the Northrop Grumman CEM design code Switch, that is ahead of the industry.  This new capability set the bar higher by introducing large test cases and the ability to run 1M+ unknown problems. This accomplishment is recognized and highly regarded by subject matter experts in the U.S. government customer community. The CEM code improvements that ARA-BerrieHill delivered to Northrop Grumman allowed the company to generate low observable designs on its major programs and contract research and development (CRAD) projects that were previously beyond its capabilities.  View Northrop Grumman testimonials

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