RF Measurement of Airport Body Scanners 


Perform “in-situ” radio frequency (RF) power measurements of the L3-COMM ProScanner airport millimeter wave “body scanner” emissions, primarily focusing on the “in-band” emissions in the 24.25-30 GHz band.


  • The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) uses airport body scanners throughout the United States for passenger safety screening.  ARA-BerrieHill was contracted to assess the non-ionizing radiation levels to passengers and TSA personnel from the airport body scanner equipment.

Expertise Required:

  • RF testing and measurement


The National Academy of Science, Engineering, and Medicine (NAS) contracted ARA-BerrieHill to conduct RF field strength measurements of the scanner.  ARA-BerrieHill’s RF Technologies Group designed and constructed the field test fixtures, constructed the test matrix and test planning documents, executed  airport field tests, and documented the final results.


RF emission data from the L3-COMM ProScanner airport body scanner was delivered to the NAS for review and acceptance by their board. 

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