Case Study – X-Band Radar System Integration


Reverse engineer an incomplete X-band radar system used as demonstration technology, and rebuild with more functionality than originally planned.


  • The customer had no functional source code, no documentation, and no available support from the people initially responsible for designing and building the system.
  • The radar system had been designed and built in stages, by various disparate groups, with custom, undocumented modifications made to the system as it was developed.

Expertise Required:

  • Computational electromagnetics
  • Radar system analysis, design, testing, and measurement


BerrieHill Research Division of ARA reverse engineered the hardware and software, determined how the components of the system interacted with each other, and rebuilt, from scratch, new field-programmable gate array (FPGA) firmware to bring the system to a level of functionality well beyond its original capabilities. ARA-BerrieHill documented every step of this process and incorporated the new software and firmware into a revision-controlled repository.

Following this initial effort, ARA-BerrieHill tested and calibrated the X-band radar system, successfully validating the system’s functionality.


ARA-BerrieHill worked with The Ohio State University to perform crucial research using the X-band radar system, demonstrating that it could be used for real-world measurements in applications.

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