Electronic Warfare Research & Analysis

Electronic warfare, the development of technologies that use the electromagnetic spectrum for military applications, has become an important and growing area of expertise for the scientists and engineers at BerrieHill Research Division of ARA.

Advanced Analytical Capabilities

Our company offers advanced analytical capabilities in:
  • Electronic support -- analysis of large targets to determine signal-to-noise ratios; jamming signal ratios; and operational analysis of specific platforms
  • Direction finding -- signal processing analysis, geolocation analysis
  • Electronic protection – analysis and design of chaff, radar cross section (RCS) analysis of vehicles to assist in survivability analysis
  • Electronic attack – electronic countermeasures, radar jamming and anti-jamming; electronic masking, probing, reconnaissance and intelligence


Technical Expertise

The company provides a broad offering of technical expertise and advanced technology for electronic warfare, including:

  • Antenna and radome design and manufacturing
  • A wideband virtuoso antenna, capable of providing electronic support that also can be used in electronic attack activities for transmission jamming
  • RF measurement and testing
  • Computational electromagnetics
  • RF and electro-optic materials development
  • RF hardware and software, including RF test equipment, electro-optic sensors and antenna modeling software
Our electronic warfare work assists in the development of direction finding, electronic protection, support and attack for body-worn technologies, stationary bases, aircraft and ground vehicles.

ARA-BerrieHill not only has the technical expertise to provide the right solutions for critical electronic warfare problems, we also understand the importance of timely response and can meet time-sensitive needs.

Contact ARA-BerrieHill at 937-435-1016 for more information about our electronic warfare analysis capabilities.