Munitions Fuzing Antennas

When outfitting aircraft with missiles, bombs and rockets, proper fuzing is critical to ensure that the munitions detonate when they reach their target and survive without misfiring while in storage or during launch.


BerrieHill Research Division of ARA assists military contractors in ensuring that aircraft weaponry operates as designed by manufacturing munitions fuzing antennas that control the detonation of missiles.

The company‚Äôs Lafayette, Colorado, facility offers comprehensive antenna design, testing and manufacturing capabilities, including: 

  • An anechoic chamber with a near field scanner used for RF testing of fuzing antenna designs
  • Advanced computational analysis to assess the accuracy of targeting
  • Qualification testing for survivability
  • Complete manufacturing of printed circuit fuzing antennas.

Contact ARA-BerrieHill at 937-435-1016 for more information about our capabilities in fuzing antenna production and testing.