Radar Technologies

Before our military takes to the air, sea or land, it’s outfitted with vehicles, communications devices and weaponry that help keep our troops safe and provide an edge in the most critical battle situations.

As a trusted partner with U.S. defense agencies and defense contractors, BerrieHill Research Division of ARA provides advanced research that is used to test and further develop radar systems and technologies, so that equipment, vehicles and personnel are effective and protected in the most extreme environments and under the most stressful circumstances.

Our advanced research and development services in radar technologies include those covering capabilities such as low observability, counter-detection, collision avoidance, geolocation and weather detection.

Areas of Expertise

Significant areas of expertise include:
  • Radar signal processing
  • Radar cross-section (RCS) measurement and testing to determine how well radar can see a particular target
  • Fire control – development and testing of RF/IR/EO sensors for targeting and tracking of artillery

ARA-BerrieHill can conduct RCS measurement at its own range or at government-owned facilities. We additionally offer range operation and maintenance services and range design and development.

Contact ARA-BerrieHill at 937-435-1016 for more information about our radar signal processing and RCS measurement and testing capabilities.