Trusted Microelectronics

While technological advancements continue for the development of the next generation of military aircraft, maintaining the existing fleet is equally critical.

To keep aging B-52s and other aircraft in the air, the military must be able to source reliable parts, especially the integrated circuitry used on OEM equipment built decades ago. 

BerrieHill Research Division of ARA is engaged in research and development of test systems that will aid in the verification of replacement chips used in military vehicles and aircraft, including:

  • Chip integrity – determining whether the part has been used before, has been tampered with or been marked in a way as to obfuscate the origin of the chip
  • Microelectronics reliability – measuring the mean time for failure of the part, how long it will last and how it can be made to last longer

The company’s capabilities in trusted microelectronics include:

  • Developing multispectral measurement tools and techniques for performing trustworthiness assessment, failure analysis and reverse engineering of advanced microelectronic devices; 
  • Fabrication, testing and troubleshooting of multispectral measurement equipment including RF, EO/IR and electron microscopes;
  • Custom EO/IR imaging and spectroscopy system design and fabrication. 

In addition to its vital importance to the DoD, research in the development of these test systems is expected to have broad commercial application in a wide variety of industries.

Contact ARA-BerrieHill at 937-435-1016 for more information about our research and development work in trusted microelectronics.