Indoor RF Testing, Anechoic Chamber Testing

The key to conducting successful RF tests is knowing first what you’re trying to measure and why you’re running the test. That’s where BerrieHill Research Division of ARA excels in the field of indoor RF measurement and testing.  The company’s staff offers unparalleled expertise in advising its clients on setting up testing scenarios, setting goals and understanding test environments and RF measurements.

To execute customers’ RF testing, measurement and antenna simulation projects, ARA-BerrieHill maintains world-class facilities for conducting indoor RF testing of antennas, radomes and RF materials, with anechoic chambers in Dayton, Ohio, and Lafayette, Colo.

The company’s Dayton RF testing site features a far-field RF test chamber that is ideal for testing radomes, measuring antenna patterns and characterizing the performance of antennas within radomes. A second chamber is used for radar cross section, radar scattering and antenna testing.

The Dayton location also offers an RF testing tunnel that is used to characterize radome and absorber materials, to measure RF energy reflection, transmission and absorption. 

In Lafayette, Colo., ARA-BerrieHill offers an anechoic chamber for near-field antenna measurements and a reflection range.

In addition to conducting RF testing and measurement at its own facilities, ARA-BerrieHill routinely supports the indoor antenna test ranges at government-owned sites and other customers. 

The company supports a wide range of RF measurement needs, including:

  • Development of measurement test matrices
  • Transportation to remote sites
  • Execution of the data collection
  • Assurance of data quality
  • Data post-processing and archiving

Contact ARA-BerrieHill at 937-435-1016 for more information about our RF testing and measurement capabilities.