RF Technologies

The BerrieHill Research Division of ARA offers broad expertise in RF technologies, including hardware design and fabrication and software programming.

The company’s RF hardware team can cover the entire "RF-chain," from the antenna front-face to the back-end data bit stream. With practical experience in all stages of hardware design and fabrication, ARA-BerrieHill can provide solutions for analog RF circuitry, digital design, printed circuit board (PCB) implementation, and final assembly and testing.

The group’s capabilities also including building microwave hardware, including design and assembly of RF heads, IF boards, FPGA-driven digital control boards and more. ARA-BerrieHill uses state-of-the-art analog and digital components and associated design software in all of its custom hardware projects, and can manage all aspects of those projects, from block diagram to PCB layout to final board population and assembly.

Core Disciplines

  • Antenna modeling software
  • Multi-function, software-controlled apertures/sensors
  • Integration of aperture and component technologies
  • Analog and digital front-ends
  • Photonics and optical devices
  • Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components
  • PCB fabrication
  • Electronic warfare sub-systems
  • RF testing

ARA-BerrieHill’s expertise helps advance technologies used in test range instrumentation, antennas, radar, direction-finding equipment and more.

Contact ARA-BerrieHill at 937-435-1016 for more information about its capabilities in RF hardware and software programming.