Northrop Grumman Corporate Global Supplier Diversity Program Recognition Awards – 2015

The following was included in the Northrop Grumman annual awards program, submitted by its Aerospace Systems Section:

BerrieHill Research Corporation (BRC) – now known as BerrieHill Research Division of ARA -- is a small business with expertise in the design and development of antennas, computational electromagnetics, and RF measurements. BRC is a growing company leading research and development for the fabrication, assembly, and testing of RF mixed signal devices, systems, and structures to support Air Force Research Laboratory requirements in radar, C3, and ISR applications. Their talented technical staff consists of engineers, scientists, and technicians with advanced degrees in electrical engineering, applied mathematics, physics, and computer science.

BRC is a provider of leading edge, advanced Computational Electromagnetic (CEM) solvers. Since establishing BRC as a Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems (NGAS) supplier in 2008 in support of an IRAD, NGAS' Survivability team has continued to work with the supplier on numerous IRAD/NCTA on a yearly basis and more recently CRAD contracts. NGAS has spent over $1.5M with this supplier pursuing new innovations and continued work on Switch H. From day one until now, they have demonstrated a World Class performance.

BRC has produced the highly regarded Switch-H Adaptive Cross Approximation/Hierarchical LU solver (ACA/H-LU) into the NGAS 3D Switch code. The expertise at BRC is highly regarded throughout the Government and Industry communities. The remarkable success of Switch-H led to excellent reviews by Government customers on a Restricted Program and the design work and predictions went beyond the current capability of our previous CEM codes and that of our competitors. It has received high marks from our customer for the code’s accurate predictions on Large LO vehicles. This new capability gave NGAS a distinct competitive advantage over our competition on new proposal efforts.

BRC's work has led to CRAD capture for development of a new Domain Decomposition Method (DDM) solver, giving NGAS a truly capable code to address all near and far term program needs. This new technique has led to a NGAS Invention Disclosure for DDM that was filed in 2014. The CEM code improvements that BRC has delivered to NGAS have allowed us to generate Low Observable designs on our major programs and CRADs that were previously beyond our capabilities.

BRC's dramatic progress on NGAS' activities has led to the government customer soliciting a white paper from Northrop Grumman to continue on CRAD. The work they have done for us has given us a competitive advantage over others and helped us win more proposals in the survivability area.

BRC has routinely demonstrated a strong desire to accomplish mission critical technical goals and deliver superior product on budget and ahead of schedule. BRC has performed at risk numerous times on IRAD and CRAD activities as NGAS worked through its internal processes to get supplier funding. On a restricted program, they supported NGAS at risk for 20 days before being issued a subcontract. This equates to about $20K of support of the SOW.  BRC did this in order to meet the schedule requirements for Northrop Grumman and the customer.

BRC is regularly amenable to statement of work (SOW) and schedule modifications necessary to complete the SOW and within their contractual obligations. Additionally, their availability and responsiveness to our requirements are unsurpassed. Their excellent program management skills have helped the success of the programs they support and NGAS.

Northrop Grumman Corporate Socio-Economic Business Program Recognition Awards - 2011

The following was included in the Northrop Grumman annual awards program, submitted by its Aerospace Systems Section:

BerrieHill Research Corporation (BRC) -- now known as the BerrieHill Research Division of ARA -- has been a supplier to Northrop Grumman (NGC) for the past four years by providing support to our Computational Electromagnetic (CEM) codes. BerrieHill accomplished the difficult task of incorporating a new algorithm into our CEM Switch code ahead of schedule and on budget. The improved Switch-H code allowed us to produce a critical set of computations ahead of schedule on a major program deliverable that would not have been possible without this new code. The new Switch-H code has already demonstrated dramatic speed improvements on large problems on a major program.

BerrieHill has provided a new capability to the NGC CEM design code Switch that is ahead of the industry. This Adaptive Cross Approximation (ACA) algorithm with Hierarchical LU (H-LU) solver has been incorporated into our production Switch code, including full design optimization capability. This state of the art capability gives NGC a competitive advantage over competitors for CEM design.

The new capability created by BerrieHill's incorporation of the ACA method with Hierarchical LU Factor and Solver to the NGC Switch Code has given NGC a competitive advantage in areas of CEM design. This accomplishment is recognized and highly regarded by subject matter experts in our government customer community.

BerrieHill has consistently provided deliverables on or ahead of the established milestone due dates. They have also worked hard to support and accomplish our projects within budget. BerrieHill has worked with us to determine what can be accomplished within an established budget and identify areas of opportunities or elimination. They understood our requirements and budget constraints and always worked to help the team meet its objectives and goals within schedule and cost while maintaining the highest level of technical support possible.

BerrieHill provides unparalleled responsiveness and ability to quickly adapt to our requirements.

One notable event that demonstrates BerrieHill's commitment to NGC is how they constantly set the bar and accept challenging tasks. During our status review, BerrieHill was able to prove that they were able to create a code suitable for 400K+ unknown problems. This number adequately met NGC requirements. BerrieHill proceeded to inform us that they were going to set the bar higher by introducing large test cases and run 1M+ unknown problems. This will improve the performance of the code.

BerrieHill Research Corporation has demonstrated what it truly means to be a world class team member through its impeccable communication, comprehension of customer needs, ever evolving technical capabilities, ease of accessibility, ability to adapt and identify opportunities (cost, time, technical developments) and willingness to cooperate and share their technology with the NGC team with very little reservation.

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