The ARA-BerrieHill Way – Path to Success

Founded in 2005, BerrieHill Research Division of ARA specializes in advanced research and development related to electromagnetic propagation and scattering, design and fabrication of antennas and radomes, RF measurement testing services, electro-optics, RF materials, microelectronics, and computational modeling and simulation.

We operate in a highly technical field, with a talented staff of engineers, scientists, and technicians with backgrounds in electrical engineering, applied mathematics, physics, and computer science. We share a passion for finding the best solution to your problems.

What sets us apart is that we make sure your project is done right, with zero tolerance for failure. Collectively, our depth of knowledge and expertise places us among an elite few who can deliver on our level of technical competence.

People want us on their project team because they want things done the ARA-BerrieHill Way. The ARA-BerrieHill Way is the right way, the path to success.

We’re an agile company, and known for our ability to respond quickly to customer requests.  We’re able and just as excited to help customers with small, short term projects as we are working on large, complex, multi-year, projects.

We provide access and referrals to industry and world-leading experts in the fields of computational electromagnetics, radiating systems/antennas, materials and structures, RF measurement and testing, electro-optic materials and sensors, and semiconductor physics, whether those experts reside in our company or elsewhere. 

Our company culture is very attractive to both young superstars right out of school and seasoned veterans at the top of their field. While the work can be intense, it’s fast-paced in a good, competitive way, and our relaxed office environment keeps things comfortable. If you enjoy a close team environment, problem-solving with the industry’s brightest colleagues at your side, and that satisfying feeling of meeting and exceeding client expectations, you’ll be happy at ARA-BerrieHill.

Contact ARA-BerrieHill or call 937-435-1016 to learn more about our advanced problem-solving capabilities.