The ARA-BerrieHill Way – Path to Success

Q:  What kinds of problems does BerrieHill Research Division of ARA solve?

A:  We work on military, defense, and aerospace applications, providing computational electromagnetics, RF research, hardware and software design, testing and measurements to make our customers’ aircraft, weaponry, and defense systems work better.

Q:  What size projects does the company work on?

A:  ARA-BerrieHill works on projects of various size and complexity, from small tasks that may cost a few thousand dollars to large, complex, multi-year, research projects that can run in the tens of millions.    

Q:  How quickly does the company turnaround its projects?

A:  Our company excels at meeting customer expectations for on-time and on-budget delivery.  We’re able to assist organizations that walk in our door with simple requests that take a couple of days up to multi-faceted projects we’ve been hired to work on for as long as seven years.  Most of ARA-BerrieHill’s projects average one to two years.

Q:  I see that your company does a lot of work with the Air Force.  Are you able to work with other kinds of entities?

A:  Because of our proximity to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, historically we have done a significant amount of work for the Air Force.  But our capabilities are well-suited for many other organizations and we have worked on projects for the Army, Navy, NASA, NSA, Department of Homeland Security, the National Science Foundation, Transportation Security Administration and more.  See our list of customers and partners.

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