Why Friday?

If you ever have the pleasure of visiting the BerrieHill Research Division of ARA on a Friday, there’s something you should know. Every Friday we loosen up and show some spirit by celebrating a seasonal theme, for example College Shirt Friday during college football season, bring in your team tailgate flag (for the winning teams), Ugly Sweater Friday during the holidays, March Madness Fridays…the list goes on!

During the summer we honor the Aloha tradition of wearing Hawaiian shirts, and for us it’s a celebration of team spirit, camaraderie and of course TGIF. Those who know us know that we work hard and play hard, and on Fridays we like to combine a bit of both.

Granted, when we first announced our Friday tradition internally, we got mostly an Office Space reaction. But we have some enthusiastic converts, and every Friday they take it to the next level. Because when we do something we go all out, and do it right. That’s the BerrieHill Way.